Just recently I watched this incredible documentary on Netflix called “HEAL“. I am not a movie person so for me to take the time out & actually watch something is a huge deal. Plus, I’ve only given like 3 recommendations of documentaries ever. So then, it must be big time for me to label this as noteworthy! (haha)


HEAL is a film about a scientific & spiritual journey where we discover that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal. This is something that I already supported but it makes it that much more significant to actually have scientific proof confirm it. While this belief system can sometimes have a strong opposition based on the assumption that it is an absence of God, it is actually the reverse. The two literally blend together. Science & religion do not have to compete. They can & do work together in today’s world.

There are several widely known respected professionals that appear in this film. Just to name a few are – Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Bruce Lipton & Gregg Braden. With these specialists featured, you know it’s good stuff!

According to the film’s website, ” … The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe. This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.” This type of thinking puts the responsibility on the individual person which can be hard to take ownership for. It’s easier to blame this illness and that sickness on hereditary genes; however, because we tell our “story” of the illness running in the family, we are, in reality, making this happen by speaking it as fact. We can stop this cycle. Stop speaking that fiction as your truth! OK, I know, I’ve probably gone a little deep here. Just watch the movie & give it a chance. Then get back to me with what you thoughts. I wanna hear how you liked it.

So, earlier in this entry, I mentioned that there were only a few documentaries that I’ve ever recommended. Well, in case you have some time to get caught up on your movie watching, here they are:

And please share what you think of these!

I am no Siskel & Ebert or Rotten Tomatoes but I can gauge a quality program. I hope you enjoy & appreciate it as much as I did. What are some of your favorites? Which ones do you recommend?

Life is like … an elevator ride

Sharing from a fellow yogini …
Something fun to think about!

Find Your Middle Ground

elevator pause

Life is like an elevator ride…

It has its ups and downs
It can take you to new heights
Or drop you to rock bottom

People join you for some or all of the ride.
You have to stop to let some people off

It sometimes feels confining
Or even somewhat scary
And sometimes you may get stuck

Be careful not to overload it
You should know what to do in an emergency

Expect a few embarrassing moments 😉

There are awkward conversions with strangers,
Fun times with others, and quiet times by yourself.

Be open to whatever happens and enjoy the ride!
Knowing at the end of the day that you are not the one in control

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Gigi came to visit

My Grandma “Gigi” passed away last year and we live in her house now. We are getting constant reminders almost every other day that she is around us (from butterflies landing to messages appearing). Well, I believe she was visiting again this morning.



“The Peacock’s symbolism is known for luxury. … the luxuries in life wasn’t given to them, they earned it … often gain recognition for their talents.”
— Sounds so much like her!








So, it is NO coincidence that these beauties went straight to Gigi’s “Memorial” Magnolia tree to hang out!!

Hello *2019*

Well, Hellooooooooo 2019. It’s a new year! It’s no longer 2018. What did your 2018 look like? What do you intend for your 2019 to look like? Are you a person who sets resolutions? Do you review your previous year and perform an analysis?

I’m always curious to learn about people’s traditions and regular practices. I started a new process this year that I haven’t done in the past. I purchased an official handheld planner/agenda. It’s got cute stickers to decorate the pages to make it fun. I visit it when I begin my day & at the end of the day. This helps to hold myself accountable. I have everything from workout routines to my job tasks to personal events all written down in there. It includes a gratitude section along with intentions for the day. I like it so far. I’ll keep you updated on my status as the year progresses.

We did keep one of our regular traditions this year by creating our vision boards as a family. Since my kids were little, we’d do this together and it was an activity that each one of us valued. It was even more fun to compare the new one with the previous years’ ones. I am so proud of the young adults that my kids are growing up to be.

I want to know your thoughts. What rituals do you do? Do you have a planner? If you do, what kind is it? If you want to know which planner I picked, leave a comment. Do you have any questions for me, comment below.

Cheers to new beginnings! Cheers to 2019!

Ruby’s Aunt Chantel

Have you ever had a situation where everything perfectly fell into place & it couldn’t have worked out any better?

Sometimes, people call that coincidence … I refer to it as divine alignment. What do I mean? I mean that when things work themselves in such a way that it couldn’t even be planned better, I believe that to be the Universe creating the situation for us.

These types of alignments happen all the time for me but there’s one most recently that I wanted to share. By bringing awareness to this, maybe it can open up someone else to have the same thing. If there’s at least one person that I can help to see the world a little differently, then I have succeeded. Our world is a kind place with compassionate, loving people. “Miracles” happen every day to every one. There isn’t a ‘special’ list that you have to be on to receive good. The key is to recognizing these miracles (no matter how small) & continuing to give thanks.

So, let me tell you about “Chantel”. She’s my girl! And she’s the latest addition to our family. See, I used to have “Ruby”, Chantel’s niece, a couple years ago whom I adored and was very saddened when I had to give her back. It was a humbling experience filled with lots of opportunity to rise up to my full potential. About 3.5 years ago, I attended an automotive show held in the local convention center & saw the unveiling of the brand-new Jeep Renegade. At the time, I had a Patriot (my Ruby) so I paid attention to this cute new model but didn’t give it much consideration because I wasn’t at a place that I needed to take on any new financial obligations. I believe at that show that I planted the seed to grow.

So, cut to the present time … well about 6-8 months ago & I was entering the new car buying process. I explored many options based on personal needs & recommendations from friends/co-workers/family; and guess what? That Renegade was now in the running! I was very picky though with the options that I wanted because I was looking to keep this car for quite awhile & wanted specific features. I wasn’t looking to be extravagant but did want to keep quality standards.

So, I visit the various car lots and test drive a few models .. not really finding what I want. I explore more possibilities by Auto Trader and looking in other states etc. Finally I decided that I wasn’t gonna settle and my perfect car would make itself known when the time was right. I pretty much had other things to put my energies toward … like remodeling our house, packing up our stuff from where we were living, moving into our new house and unpacking & putting away the stuff that we had just relocated.

One morning, it was brought to my attention that a certain Renegade had just arrived on the lot at a nearby dealership. BUT, but, but … it had a few things that I wan’t previously considering. It was pre-owned! and It was black in color! Both of these things I swore I didn’t want. None the less, I was persuaded to at least just go check it out. So later that night, after work the kids & I drove there and took a look. WOWzers! That car was e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what I had been looking for. The black color looked so incredible with the bronze color package it had being a 75th Anniversary edition. And the pre-owned part, it had 3K miles on it … yes, you read that right, ONLY 3K miles on it. So, it was like it was brand new but I didn’t have to pay the 2018 sticker price & have it instantly depreciate. It had 1 previous owner and a super clean Car Fax report. No recalls. No damage. No issues. AND the best part is that the asking price came in lower than what Kelley Blue Book listed as a ‘Fair Market Value’ price. It was an all around win-win for all. So, now we have added this beauty to our family and everyone loves her!! We named her Chantel.chantel

To bring this back to the original point of why I started this entry in the first place, Divine alignment – it all worked out perfect because I stepped out of the way and allowed the Universe to make it happen. Even with all my planning and figuring things out etc, I myself couldn’t work it like that. It took me outlining what I wanted, planting the seed & trusting the process to demonstrate it. So, I did play an active part in the process. I just didn’t have to control it at all.

So, maybe when you feel like that thing that you want isn’t happening quite yet or how you think it should, maybe step back and recognize a bigger picture and you just might be surprised how wonderful it really can be. Thank you Universe!


Halo … say what … therapy … what?

Simply put: Salt. Room.

⇒ Have you heard of a salt room but didn’t quite know what it was?
⇒ Heard of salt room therapy and wondered how it worked?
⇒ Wondering what the heck halotherapy is?

So, I’ve heard lots of talk lately about salt rooms being the newest trend. It sounded really interesting to me so when I had the opportunity to check it out, I did. I figured that you may have the same types of questions that I had or maybe just wanted to know what it was like so I decided to give you my first-timer’s experience recap.

The salt room that I attended was located @ HLC Wellness Center (or also called HLC Lake Mary Spa) in Lake Mary. Very nice place. They are extremely courteous and helpful with all concerns/questions/worries. I highly recommend them if you too want to try out the salt room and aren’t sure where to go.

OK, so before you go into the actual room, you get organized in the waiting area by putting your belongings in a locked cubby and deciding which clothes/shoes that you wanna leave on or take off. I wore shorts & a tank but opted to go with no shoes so I could dig my toes into the little salt rocks on the ground. *OH! Also, you don’t want to bring in any electronic device because the salt mist could deteriorate it and leave it not working.

So, I got inside the room and picked out which chair that I wanted to sit in. It was one of those really comfy beach chairs that lays all the way back.  I closed my eyes, listened to the background music playing and “let go”! It was almost as if the, medical grade, salt mist that was blown into the room by a halo generator had “sleeping dust” (just like in the old fairy tale stories). 2 words = Absolute.Relaxation.

I could breathe better. I could smell better. I would describe it as a salt powder/dust that fell gently over my whole body. If a person had any skin conditions, they would definitely benefit. I felt it spreading through my nasal passages and filling my lungs so it allowed me to breathe it all in from head to toe. No more stuffiness. As I took my big “yoga style” deep breaths, I could feel it coat my inner organs. What a healthy way to detox naturally. I started to rake my toes through the Himalayan salt pebbles; and then made trails through it with my fingers. Both of these felt so good! It reminds me of when I go to the beach and dig my toes into the sand & let my fingers sift through the sand. It was simple but therapeutic. By the time, my 45-minute session was up, I was ready to greet the world! I felt relaxed but not lethargic; and I felt it was the ‘just what I needed’ break.

One helpful hint is to drink plenty of water after so you flush all of the toxins from your circulatory system to remove them. Plus, I felt kinda thirsty anyway. I can say that I am truly glad that I finally did this! Now, to schedule my next appointment …. I hear that I can go back EVERY day! : )

dry salt

Here are a few questions I had that you may have to:
Q1: Are you clothes dirty when you leave? A: There is a light dust of white powder that can easily be brushed off.
Q2: What should I wear? A: Wear something comfortable that can expose some of you skin (i.e. arms, legs)
Q3: Do I wear shoes while in there? A: You can wear shoes but you will need to put booties over them. (they supply the booties)
Q4: How long are you in there? A: The session is a 45-minute time frame.
Q5: What can you bring in the room with you? A: They recommend just yourself if you want to relax. However, you can bring a book if you wanna read or journal/notepad if you wanna get some writing done. Electronics are NOT recommended because the salt can erode causing corrosion on electronic devices.
Q6: Are food & drinks allowed? A: No food or drinks in the room
Q7: What is the science behind why salt room therapy is good for you? A: The type of medical grade salt that is blown into the room creates negative ions that balances out. The salt particles that are inhaled penetrate deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli creating an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal atmosphere.

Go visit the Lake Mary Salt Room (#: 407.990.1510) today and tell ’em Soul-ga Girl sent ya!

Fog: To see or not to see

So when I walked out the door this morning, there was a huge blanket of thick fog covering everything. I literally couldn’t see 6 inches in front of me. As I moved farther & farther toward where I remember my car being parked, the visibility was not becoming any clearer. I still couldn’t see my car. Thankfully I knew that my car was in fact there or I would have definitely had a huge handicap. Then, finally … I could make out a slight image of a shadow of a car! “See, I knew I was right!” Well, duh! Of course it was there; just because I couldn’t see it, didn’t mean that it had mysteriously vanished.

How many of us do this on a daily basis with our hopes & dreams? We imagine this grand prize coming into our life and then when we can’t actually see it yet, we become discouraged and lose faith?

The fog incident above can also apply to our belief system as well. There’s sometimes when our faith is questioned because that thing that we so desperately believed we were getting is no longer in sight. It is then that we can remember that this fog is temporary & that our prize CAN really appear again.

Have a blessed day! Namaste

peach … is it something to eat? or so much more?

If you are asking yourself if I’m losing my mind, then that would be an appropriate response. Yes, a peach is a fuzzy little fruit that you eat … BUT, a recent discovery I just made now puts peach into a whole new category!

What am I talking about?? peach! Peach is a contemporary fashion company with products designed for the gym, work and play; founded on the simple, yet big idea, that a lifestyle brand could help women “elevate their everyday” with a mission to be a force for good for women by helping them to thrive personally and professionally. Now, WOW, how incredible is that?!

How did I hear about them? Great question. I was working at an active living health expo a couple of weeks ago and looked across the room to see THE MOST BEAUTIFUL yoga mat ever designed. And me, loving pretty things and totally in to yoga, I had to go check it out. As I approached the table, something else even more incredible jumped out at me! It was a really pretty shirt with the word “Gratitude” displayed across the chest. At that moment, I knew that I was absolutely supposed to be there right now. Living ‘in the present’ right? I was introduced to Daryl Davenport, the very friendly, sincere peach personal stylist that was handling the booth. We exchanged product information and chatted about the history and the why of the company (peach). She had the coolest stuff sitting out everywhere and I just wanted to buy it all!

Not even one day passed after the event, I was so excited to get my hands on some of those amazing items so Daryl and I got in touch with each other and the rest is history! No, seriously, I received my order a few days after and the anticipation of opening the shipped boxes was like a kid in a candy store or that feeling of opening presents on Christmas morning. The whole experience from placing my order to delivery was flawless. It arrived in a very timely manner and all of the contents were well packaged.

That night, I decided to wear some of my new stuff to dinner with my family. The items I am wearing in this picture are the reversible leggings and black cardigan. I felt like a movie star! The leggings were constructed of a durable fabric and didn’t seem cheaply made like the seams were going to bust or unravel. It provided a good support system that kinda held everything into place. I loved the way they felt on my skin. The cardigan was just lightweight enough that it provided enough warmth in the restaurant but didn’t make me too hot (as I am living in Florida on a typical 90 degree day). The fabric of the cardigan was so soft and silky to my skin. It definitely was not cheaply made. I added a few jewelry items of my own and Boom! I was ‘on fleek‘.

So, the next opportunity to wear those reversible leggings and get to use my most beautiful yoga mat was yoga class night. I am a Yoga instructor so I am always looking for great quality products to be able to share with my students. That night I got more compliments on my mat that I think I have in my entire career of teaching! It was just thick enough that I felt supported and so soft to my hands and knees etc. that it reminded me of laying on sheets … but it was perfectly “adhesive” that my hands or feet did not slip as I was performing my moves. Something that makes this mat very special is that it is created by a woman in South Africa that normally would not be known if peach had not gone in and helped support her cause. The name of the designer is Claire Keet and the design that I picked was labeled Harmony. The name of her line is called Sentiens. This item is probably going to sell out pretty quick and I’m not sure that it will be able to be purchased after that, so you may want to jump on the opportunity pretty quickly. The contact link is here for Daryl Davenport with peach.

Lastly my review of the leggings for actually doing yoga was on point! I never felt like I was falling out or having to readjust or wondering if I looked fat. These are definitely a very well made product and I liked the reversible factor with being able to wear them casually around all the time or on a mission to get my yoga on. The all black side looks very smooth and straight-edged and the design print side is fun and matches with a lot of different colors.

I just want to give thanks again to divine timing for me being at the right place at the right time. Thank you especially to Daryl Davenport, peach personal stylist, and the whole process from first viewing to ordering to experiencing to the customer service follow-up. I highly recommend this company and their wonderful representative. If you have any questions or comments, please respond below.

Have a wonderfully “peachy” day! Namaste

I have an addiction …

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am addicted to essential oils.

I am not afraid to admit it. I love them. I diffuse them daily and utilize them on a regular basis! It started off as just liking a scent or two (because I have a hyper sensitive sniffer) but then it grew into so much more. I started researching the health benefits to them as well as the different ways to use them. Then, I began evaluating the different brands available (the many that there are) and learning about which ones were pure to use and which to avoid. I am, by no means, an oil snob and claim only one brand as superior. I believe that the top rated suppliers have their accolades and with this abundant universe, there are enough people to allow all companies to prosper!

The one thing that I would like to note is that depending on the grade of the oil, I am particular to how I’m going to use it (i.e. ingest, apply topically or diffuse). I know that it is publicly noted that the manufacturers do not recommend ingesting because it is not approved by the FDA but I still use it this way … with precaution. From headaches to upset belly to emotional distress, a drop of one of my favorite oils and the healing begins to occur. It can be diluted with honey or rice/soy milk to help aid digestion and provide proper positive effects.

oilsBesides room diffusers, there are now portable diffusers, USB diffusers, car diffusers … and a love of mine … diffuser necklaces! If you research online, there is a plethora of options for purchasable products so that you can have these oils with you at all times.

As far as topical application, it is again best to dilute with a carrier oil – such as coconut, grapeseed, jojoba or argan oil. Because there are mucous membranes directly connected to our top layer of skin, the topical use can be very effective and provide relief fairly quick.

If you are someone that doesn’t really like smells or are repulsed by various aromas, I bet there is even at least ONE of the oils that you too would appreciate. While some of them have a very distinct fragrance, there are quite a few that are subtle and smooth. Some of my favorite scents that I just can’t get enough of are lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, frankincense, lime and then there are blends that I am in love with as well.

So, if you are not an oil enthusiast, I encourage to try just one and give it a chance. If you are addicted to oils as much as I am, I would love to hear from you. We can swap stories and obsess together!

Michelle Kalkan