You too can do what the celebs do!

Yoga is everywhere and so easy to do anywhere, anytime. Not only is it wonderful for the mind and soul but it’s also great for the body … check out how Vanessa Hudgens, an American actress, credits yoga in her fitness plan that helped to tone her back into shape!

We didn’t really think She said of getting her namaste on ideally three times a week: “I looked in the mirror and was like, ‘Who am I?’ It was definitely a journey back to myself, and yoga helped. I don’t consider it fitness. It’s more like therapy for me.” And as for the super-pricey cycling […]

via Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens Breaks Down How She Dropped 10 Lbs. In Just A Month! — Jennifer Mayna

My faves ~

I wanna share some of my faves with you. I am absolutely in love with these products right now.

So, info is as follows:

The body spray has a distinct pleasant smell that seems to stay with me all day even through work.

Anybody who knows me is aware of my addiction to essential oils. Oh.Em.Gee! The lemongrass is one of my faves. I love to have this scent diffusing around me at all times. And I found this super cute local body boutique that I can now get it from = Yay for NuNatural!

I have recently discovered my sincerest appreciation for the moisturizing effects of argan oil for my face. I am a Florida girl that loves the sun but it tends to dry out my skin. The argan oil is silky enough to keep my face hydrated but not too greasy.

And lastly, the blow out mist … 2 words! Maui. Moisture. This product smells unbelievably good & the particular option that I chose has bamboo fibers w/neem oil. All of their products contain pure aloe vera and work wonders for shiny, healthy hair.

Stay tuned for more of my faves as I explore & discover more. Anyone tried any of these or have your own favorites? Please DO tell : )

The beloved picture

While this picture (posted here) started off as being fun & cute, it turns out that the meaning is so much deeper. Because I’m a natural lover of the ocean, it was a no-brainer when my

New Smyrna Beach

daughter asked if I could take her and her friend to the beach on the next upcoming weekend we were together.

This particular morning that we had planned to go, a mild cold front had just passed through leaving the forecast to be very breezy and chilly. The mission for the trip was for her and her friend to have a little photo shoot showing best friends having fun in the sun. I tried to talk her out of going all the way to the beach by suggesting a few local areas to go to for the day instead (i.e. the springs, our pool, Wekiva Island). But still they insisted that we hit the beach. So, the day progressed and just as I previously mentioned to them, the temperature WAS chilly, the winds WERE breezy and the sand WAS blowing all over everything. The girls got some picture taking in, a tiny bit of sunbathing and then were ready to leave. So, I basically was along for the ride = well, to drive, take pictures, get them set up & broken down, and try to get some sun in between my ups & downs off the beach chair as they voiced their various requests.

In between the series of snapshots, I too got a posed picture (the 1 featured in this entry) with Rach doing something silly. At first it just seemed like a cute photo op but then it turned into a cherished memory.

This picture is very precious to me now. I had this incredible opportunity to spend the day with my teenage daughter that sometimes really doesn’t wanna hang out with me at all. I got to hang out with her and her friend as they chatted about the inner look into their personal lives. I got to breathe in the salt area and ground my feet into the sand. I got to feel the closeness of a loving mother-daughter bond. I got to see life’s innocence through a 13-year old’s eyes. I got to taste test strawberry banana daiquiris (virgin of course) and eat a spoonful of mustard. How lucky am I?!

Now, I will practice presence every time I look at this as I remind myself how blessed I am and to remember to stay in the moment every.single.second.

All my love always Rach,



There are all sorts of cute sayings and meaningful quotes about kindness … but have you ever stopped to really dissect the meaning of the word “kindness”? What is kindness? Well according to Merriam-Webster, the definition of kindness is a kind deed. The reason I’m fixated on this right now is because I found the show “Kindness Diaries” on Netflix. I started watching it and to say that my heart is full would be an understatement. For anyone that needs their love bank filled, just give the show 5 minutes … you’ll definitely become a believer!

Leon Logothetis, the host and creator of “Kindess Diaries”, began a journey of travelling around the world while conducting an experiment on kindness. He is an incredibly interesting person and continues to make this world a better place. I deeply admire him and can only hope that my life’s purpose is as meaningful as his.

How do YOU explain kindness? In what ways do you display kindness? This is such a thought provoking concept that can allow all of us to rise up and be the best that we can be. I challenge everyone to practice humility and spend just 20 minutes to tune in to one of these episodes and help do your part of “kindness”. Namaste

How Will You Be Remembered?

I took some time this afternoon to watch a public broadcast of a local police sergeant’s memorial service. I did not know this individual personally but it really provided some incredible insight on self reflection and introspection.

If it were my time to transition from this plane, what would my eulogy say? How would I be remembered? Have I left this world a better place? I feel like I strive to be a good person and to be kind and loving to all … but is that how I am perceived?

This woman was a hero; not only because she worked in law enforcement but because she led each day of her life trying to help and be assistance of. She was dedicated beyond measure to her community. What an honor that I was able to virtually attend this service.

I am inspired to take out that time to slow down, be fully present and serve those around me the best that I can. I challenge you to do the same. How will you be remembered?

Namaste. Blessings always ~

RIP Master Sergeant Debra Clayton

#tbt strikes again

Throwback Thursday

It’s always a sweet reminder when scrolling through my memory bank andteen yoganatural awake remembering the different studios I’ve taught at. This oldie but goodie was located in Winter Park and had the most loving, authentic owner! I enjoyed teaching there and felt a sadness when I heard that they went out of business. Does anyone recognize the name Phoenix Healing Spa?